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Git ‘er done!

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That has been my goal of the last few days….

Several large projects on my lap right now and I had/have a few small things that needed to get out of the way first…

1. Christmas Shopping – 75% complete!

2. Holiday Cards – 99.9% complete! (.9% unsure if I got everyone!) :) Since those went in the mail today, here’s a peek at them:


I designed them adjusting the colors from an old scrapbook paper I designed Then I formatted them to a size of oversize postcard and had them printed via My new favorite online printing company! 100 postcards (yes, I have dozens leftover, but that was the smallest qty.) + envelopes + 100 return address labels (designed those too) = $48! A deal in my eyes! And of course, the photography by 

3. We have some new blog posts up at More to come this week!

4. Thank you cards went out last week from the wedding!

5. Wedding photo collage hung and complete. Have a couple FPO photos until the nicer ones come in from the photographer.

  Still have a good sized to-do list, but I’m gettin’ er done!


Megan says: is the BEST! I’ve used them over the last two years for everything from birthday invites to baby shower invites to wedding save the date cards. Their prices are almost unbelievable, huh? And once you use them a few times, they send you crazy deals almost every day! Gotta love that. Your card is truly gorgeous!

Tiffany says:

I love! Those cards are the cutest!

The Christmas card photos are beautiful!

Amber says:

YAY for getting stuff done!! Sorry I’m not gonna make it Saturday but you have no clue how much less stressed I am now that I don’t have to make 9 dozen cookies, LOL!! Take lots of pics so I can drool over the cookies via the internet :)

kristina says:

Beautiful card, Amber! Happy Holidays!!

Ali McLaughlin says:

Love the card Amber!

Jenny-(ladyjeni) says:

Hey Amber,
Love the Christmas card, I ordered one through tinyprints and yours is a ton more creative. Love your blog.

Carrie says:

LOVE your card!!

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