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I’m feeling anxious. I haven’t been able to cure my travel bug lately. I have a habit of looking up information on a hundred different places I’d like to travel to. No major traveling in my future any time soon other than our jaunt to San Diego for 4th of July to visit Brandon’s family and have some R&R at the beach (which I am VERY looking forward to…get me out of this Vegas heat!!)

I love traveling. I love the adventure of it. I enjoy getting together a bunch of travel books and reading up on the history of where I’m going. All of my travel guides are dog-eared, highlighted, and just plain old used. I love them too. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them. I’ve got quite a nice little collection going on.

I haven’t gotten around to scrapping all of my photos from all my travels (I mean, who has anyway?!?). I was browsing through my files last night and came across this picture of me in London 2 January’s ago:


Note the following: my peacoat – a lifesaver! It was so cold there. Wet & Cold. It even snowed, which like never happens in London…the city just shuts down. I’m holding my trusty Let’s Go London guidebook too. Let’s Go is one of my favorite travel book series. That and Lonely Planet.

I was on a business trip and was coordinating the tradeshow for the company I was working for at the time. Looking back, I was incredibly fortunate to have the experiences I did on some of these business trips. I stayed in ridiculously expensive hotels that I normally wouldn’t stay in and I ate and drank at amazing places with ridiculously rich people.

However, it was rather lonely on these trips. I’d so much rather experience and enjoy discovering all these places alongside Brandon or a friend. But, I made the most of it, always carrying my trusty guidebook…thinking also that someone with me maybe wouldn’t have enjoyed the hundreds of museums and tourist spots that I enjoy seeing (yeah, I’m a nerd) and eating at adventurous places (pretty sure Brandon would not have gone for the yummy Thai or Indian food in SoHo London! He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy.)

Since I’m on the subject of traveling, here is my list of 5 favorite places (in no particular order) I’ve been to (that I of course would love to return to again and again!)

  • Northern California – I spent 2 days on a business trip in San Francisco. Such a neat, neat town. I’d love to go back and see more! When we were taking off for San Diego that day, the sun was just coming up as we flew over the bay. The Golden Gate bridge at sunrise on a clear morning was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. Then there’s the Wine Country. As you already know, I LOVE IT!
  • New York, New York – I only got to spend 1 day on a business trip in the city I have longed forever and ever to visit. I vow to return during the Fall for a long week of sightseeing! It’s just SO different from the West coast. For me, it feels like Europe.
  • Yosemite National Park – In high school, I camped here with a friend’s family for 2 weeks. We had SUCH a blast. It is literally heaven on earth there – so beautiful! We hiked dozens of trails, swam in so many lakes and rivers, SO much fun!
  • Mexico – I’ve been to Cabo San Lucas, Rosarito and San Felipe – all during Spring Breaks in college, so you could say it was one WILD time. It’s not so much that these places were nice (because they most definitely were not), but I just love the laidback feel, the beach, and of course, the margaritas and tasty mexican food. I’m one of those crazy people who actually WANTS to eat the local food because I know it tastes so much better than the tourist stuff at the hotels. And you know what? I haven’t ever been wrong! Give me a taco stand and horchata any day!

And where is my heart wanting to travel to these days? The Yuctan peninsula in Mexico, Italy, Boston/New England in the fall, Caribbean islands…the list goes on and on.

Well, there’s always the internet to take me to my far away destinations…


Gina says:

I’m from NY. ;) If you come back to NYC, you have to take the Circle Line double decker bus tour! SO much fun on a sunny day and you learn lots of cool little facts about Manhatten!!!

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