A few things…

1. I’m an Auntie!!! :) Lauren and Matt’s little one made his debut on Friday. I told her how crazy it is we were 15 and in high school and getting ready for the Homecoming dance in what seems like yesterday…and here she was ready to go into labor! Time flies. ;)

2. I scrapbooked! 1 whole layout last night – in under 15 minutes. And I really, really enjoyed it. I will share later this evening.

3. Mary Alice and I have THREE weddings this weekend – one for each of us on Saturday and one on Sunday (with 30+ bridal party members). I will be getting a workout running around for sure. I’m secretly hoping one of our neighbors is taking their boats out on Monday so I can kick back and relax. I will need it! ;)

4. Nope, our house still isn’t sold. Pushing 60 days now…impatient…frustrated. Many showings at first but now hardly a peep. We even dropped the price. Watching the morning news is sooo frustrating listening to the costs of gas and the economy and everything. The house we did want, did in fact sell about two weeks ago. Cash offer. So now we have an empty lot we have our eyes on to build the same exact house (with a few modifications)…we keep torturing ourselves by driving out there looking at it often. But everyday there is more reality…and the dream of the new house is slowly slipping away. Nobody is buying anything. Argh.

More again soon. :)

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