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Last week we were lucky to have my college friend/sorority sister Lauren and her husband Mike visit us for the weekend on their way up to see their family in Ohio. They moved to Pensacola about a year ago and it's sad we haven't gotten together sooner since we're only about 8 hours away from each other (which is super close compared to all of our friends and family that live on the West Coast).

Lauren & Mike are expecting their first little one in June and they are going to be surprised on if it's a boy or a girl. I'm so excited for them! We're planning on a trip to see them this Fall to meet their new baby and visit the beach.

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We had a grill-out on Saturday and it was all talk of babies the entire day (well with the ladies anyway)…me, the new Mom, and then my THREE pregnant friends…we had a lot to chat about. :)

Morgan (due any day now) and Adam we met in our birth class at the hospital a few months ago. Turns out, they live right down the road from us. Their little Samuel is making his debut very soon! Everyone we know is having girls except for Morgan & Adam, so we are excited for Colin's new little buddy.

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Lauren and her bump…due in June….

And Joyce (her bump covered by Colin)….is due with their little girl in August!

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And little guy is getting more animated every day…

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Easter pics to come next!


Lauren Murray says:

I feel famous!
Loved our visit. When can we come back?

tricia says:

Amber…he is just SO cute. And…I’m loving the grilling apron. LOL

tammygraves says:

The apron…too much! Little Colin is such a cutie! Hope I get to see him while he’s still little! I have something for you/him…i’ll email you for directions when I can get 5 minutes put together to come out! Enjoy these fleeting times!

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