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Happy Birthday Colin

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 Housley Party of 3 - bw

Dear Colin,

It is 9:50pm at night on your birth day. I am one exhausted Mommy, but you are so, so, so worth it. Today is the end of one very long day…but I wanted to get down the details of the day you were born while they were still fresh in my mind. You are the most amazing little boy, Daddy and I can't take our eyes off of you. We are so happy you are a part of our lives and we can't wait for all that you have in store for us. We love you so much!

When I woke up yesterday on February 18, I was pretty adamant to your Daddy that you were coming that very day. I just knew it. Of course, you had other plans…

After some sporadic conractions during the day, I had your Daddy take me to some stores to walk around. I really wanted to get you moving! I think it did the trick…I even had two really "good" (though they didn't feel that good of course) contractions in the aisles of Marshall's and Target. It makes me laugh to think what I looked like as I gripped the store shevles! (I had many strangers this week tell me how much I looked like I was going to "pop"). The walking paid off, and around late afternoon, the contractions were coming more and more frequent (and painful). We were so anxious for them to speed up to 5 minutes a part so we could officially head to the hospital.

We ended up checking in to the hospital around 8:30p.m. and it was the start of a very long night. I guess you thought it was nice and cozy where you were at…because you weren't wanting to meet us any earlier than you wanted to. The contractions up until this point were very painful and I felt so much relief after the epidural that was given quickly after check-in. We were looking forward to progress in the hours ahead (even hopeful for a midnight delivery) as our nurse explained what was next. Things changed rapidly when the alarms on all the machines went off and nurses came running. There was suddenly a lot of people in the room, an oxygen mask was placed on me, and they were moving me from side to side and rubbing my belly really hard to get you moving again in my belly. My body had started contracting very rapidly and strong for no apparent reason, and you were having trouble with the little available space, so your heartbeat dropped extremely low. While they tried to counteract this with medicine to get you better, my blood pressure dropped extremely low too and they couldn't find a reason for what was happening. I remember looking at your Daddy through the oxygen mask and catching his eyes that were filled with the utmost love and concern for us both. Thankfully, the nurses got both of us stabilized in the next ten minutes, but you still went back and forth between being happy and unhappy for the rest of the night.I was supposed to be resting in the dark hospital room, but instead spent the rest of the night just watching your little heartbeat on the glow of the monitor through every contraction to see how you would react.

Unfortunately, because of the medicine from the earlier scare, my body didn't want to make much
progress and the labor was taking much longer than it should. I prayed and prayed and prayed for you to be strong and for God to take care of us because you meant so much to me, your Daddy and so many others. Around 5am, the nurse started to discuss how the need for an emergency C-section was a very real possibility. I was really scared at the idea of this and your Daddy helped assure me while we waited for the doctor to arrive at the hospital and make the final decision. During this time, I prayed some more that you would move down and we could safely have you as we planned.

And my prayers came true! We finally had convinced you to make your way down. Your Daddy was such a great coach as I pushed for only about 20 minutes (something that I was so proud of as a first time Mommy) and you were out! When we heard your firstlittle cry, our hearts were so relieved and filled with so much love for you. You were so perfect in every way.

I have enjoyed this day so much. I loved watching your Daddy cart you around in your hospital bassinet. He just loves to talk to you and hold you. I love watching him interact with you as he changes your diaper or swaddles you up. He is such a good husband to your Mommy and has taken care of me so well. You have been born into such a loving family and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives with you. We are so very blessed and honored to be your parents.

All my love,


Felicia says:

He’s beautiful!

Angela says:

so excited for you both. i was wondering if the day had come, i stopped the dvr and checked the internet for some possible baby news, yay!!!! your little family is adorable :)

Brooke says:

Congratulations to all three of you. Colin is just gorgeous. Amber, you are a super Mum already, writing this after such a big day. Congrats!

Congrats! can not wait to see more pics to come!

Laura says:

Congratulations! Welcome to the world baby Colin!

Steph Mahoney says:

I so just got teary eyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing this with us. Seriously, I am so very happy for you and Brandon! Cannot wait to meet the lil guy. He is precious. Try and get some rest and enjoy every moment of this time.

Julie says:

OMG, he has your nose Amber…he is totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get the pictures you wanted to get re: photographer or did that end up out the window after all that had happened at the hospital?
Take are and enjoy your new baby boy!
I’m so giddy that I feel like a cyber-aunt! ::smile::

Muriel says:

Enjoy your moments with him.
Rest and relax while you can.

Debbie says:

WOW!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you and I was so surprised to log on and see such a beautiful post. Enjoy your beautiful son.

Amber Ulmer says:

oh amber… what an amazing way to document your birth story… i was so excited when I got the text at midnight and then again the next morning that colin was here! i was praying for you guys and Im so glad that he entered this world into such loving arms! Praise God for His glory!
Hope to see the NEW family soon!
I imagine I won’t be too much longer myself… a few more weeks I think! :)
love you lots…

Jenny says:

Congrats! So happy for you both and glad all worked out well with his delivery. Enjoy this special time.

fran heupel says:

Blessings to you and you new beautiful family. He is just the cutest. I love the way you documented the day. Love your blog and congrats to the new mommy & daddy.

Amber V says:

Hey Amber! Thanks so much for having me there to document the birthday :) You and Brandon both did such a great job, you’re already great parents!
ps – working my way through the pics, I’ll keep you updated on slideshow progress!

Amy Hand says:

Congratulations, Amber and Brandon! Baby Colin is precious! You will make such a wonderful mother!

Desiree' says:

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and your beautiful new family. Enjoy your blog. Many blessings!

Natasha Bernard says:

Amber, your letter to Colin was so wonderful. What an awesome way to capture those precious moments leading up to his arrival. I’m so proud of you both and wish you the best in your journey down the road of parenthood. I’m so so sure you two will be the loving, responsible and coolest parents he could ever wish for. Blessings….Natasha

Aimster-KY says:

Congratulations, Amber! What a beautiful little man! Enjoy every second!!

tammygraves says:

Yeah! Congratulations! HE is so precious! Can not wait to lay eyes on him! I know you and Brandon must be giddy with excitement that he is finally here and safe! Blessings to all three of you as you begin your new Journey together!

Becky Trump says:

Oh Oh oh!!!
Congratulations, my dear friend!!!
Welcome to the world, little Colin!!! You are so adorable and look a whole lot like your mama :) :) :)
Amber I am overjoyed for you and your family.

Gabby Zarate says:

He is adorable! Welcome Baby Colin! Kudos to you and Daddy for creating this beautiful baby boy! I want to see more pics!

Michon says:

TEARS! Ohmigosh, nothing I love more than a good L&D story! I am so happy for “Housley, Party of Three!” Colin is perfect, and Brandon–what a hubby! You look radiant, and so happy. What an amazing day! We are so happy for you, and Daniel looks forward to meeting Colin one day! Lots of love, Michon

Veronica says:

Oh girl, I read your blog daily and you seriously have me in tears. I’m a cry baby though.
He is just beautiful! Welcome to this world baby Colin.

Eleanor Quinn says:

Wow! I am so glad I thought to log on! I just sent an E-mail your way to CONGRATULATE the Happy Family on such a beautiful Son! Of course you brought tears to my eyes with your comments about Brandon Husband and now Daddy and how Happy and Blessed you both are. I reflected on another happy Mommy one October when the new Mommy was born to the Happy Grandmother of this charming little Bundle of Joy! Wish I were there to give hugs but just know you are in my heart and thoughts this wonderful special day!! I pray this happiness and Love will surround you every day of the rest of your lives together and that precious little boy will continue to bring you Unendless joy!Much Love, Auntie Eleanor

aimee says:

Congratulations! He’s adorable! Glad Mom & Baby are safe & healthy :)

Colby says:

Congratulations! So glad that all are well. Enjoy these precious new moments! God bless your family!

Lauren H. says:

Amber, you did such a great job yesterday! I’m so very proud of you for working as hard as you did. Colin is BEAUTIFUL (I guess I should say handsome). Give our love to Brandon as well!

Nancy says:

Congratulations Amber!!!
He is incredibly adorable!!
Welcome to motherhood!

jeanne anderson says:

Such joy I feel to see my daughter a mommy!!He looks just adorable and I can’t wait to hold him. I am so glad Colin will have this beautiful letter to read and feel the love and utter joy you and Brandon had on this day!! I have to say he looks like you with your nose and hair he’s so precious. I know this is the most special day for you and Brandon and for all the family!! We love you all so much.. Love Mom & Dad

Candy says:

Happy Birthday, Little Man!!! :)
So happy for you and your family, Amber! Glad that everything is okay and you have such a healthy and beautiful baby boy!

Karen M. says:

congrats to your new little family. colin is gorgeous!

Bonnie says:

Congratulations Amber & Brandon!!! He’s precious :) Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Juls says:

Oh what a great birth story. I’m so proud of you and for still being able to give the natural birth a go. I know it’s all “healthy mom and healthy baby” so if you had to have a C, it would’ve been fine but I’m glad you were able to deliver naturally. And 20 minutes of pushing? You’re my hero. My first was about 3 hours of hell (almost had a C) and the twins were a much more reasonable 35 minutes for both. I’m so happy for the entire Housley family. Can’t wait for more updates but don’t feel pressured. My blog is very sad right now.

NikkiH says:

Congrats Amber and family, WOW What a story! So glad everything went good and now you have your precious baby boy. I can’t wait to see more pictures of him :) Now get some rest girl! ;)
PS, If our third would have turned out to be a boy his name would have been Colin too, how cute, we ended up with a girl :) We named Adriana Isabella “Bella” instead.

Alyson says:

Congratulations! What a beautiful family!!

lauren says:

welcome, colin!
wonderful story, amber! you & brandon must be over the moon!

heidi says:

Congratulations, Amber! Colin is beautiful!!

Houry says:

Congrats! God works in great ways! Welcome to the world Colin!

Ali McLaughlin says:

So happy for you and Brandon Amber! I cant wait to meet him hopefully this Summer!

Virginia Mackel says:

Congratulations!!! What a special day. You both are sooo blessed, he’s beautiful.

Amy says:

Congratulations!!! I am so happy everything happened the way you wanted it to. He is amazing.

Andrea* says:

CONGRATS Amber! Colin is just a doll!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! I found your blog a long time ago through a scrapbooking link and have followed along because of the wedding ideas and pictures you post. Thought now was a good time to de-lurk and wish you and your family the best!

Sarah says:

That is such a special letter that you wrote to Colin. You should have it printed out and scrapbooked- something I’m sure you’ll do. This will be something that you three will cherish forever. Congratulations!

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