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Happy Hearts Day!

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I’m a lucky girl….our first Valentine’s day and my new hubby did it up! (He did tell me it was all downhill from here, but somehow I don’t think that’s his style…) ;)

First some roses delivered yesterday at work…

Then breakfast this morning…(and he even wore the hearts apron my mom sent to me!) Ha!


Then some yummy perfume I have been wanting for months…

And some chocolate covered strawberries delivered at work today…but I wasn’t there, I was working from home…so I guess the yummy-ness and holiday will carry over to tomorrow! ;)

Which above is what it looks like when I’m working from home…nice and quiet with a cup of coffee! That’s how I get things done!

And now that Valentine’s day is over…it’s on to the attic for the Easter stuff! Yes folks, my Mom passed me down with this trait…house must be decorated for just about every major holiday…but here’s a few glimpses at the hearts before the go back in their boxes… :)


(it snowed here yesterday!!! a whole DUSTING!) yay…now it’s gone…



We are off to sushi and a movie with another couple friend tonight!

XOXO! :)


Donna says:

Aww.. very sweet Hubby. Hope that you have a Great Day.
Love all the decorations!!

Karen says:

Very sweet. I have the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume–hubby got it for me for Christmas–I love it!

Lauren H. says:

Super cute! My husband gave me flowers and a card with a fat/hairy guy in booty shorts acting like cupid on the front. :) Such the comedian, and I love him for it!

Aimster - KY says:

Oh, Amber!! Seeing the pictures of your house makes me want to see MORE of your house!! I love your sense of style, girl!!
Post MORE of your Lroom / Kitchen / Office when you can!!

Ali McLaughlin says:

love the valentine decor!

mom says:

Love the apron and Brandon!!! What a makes me so happy to know you have such a great husband ..keep on decorating and don;t forget the Irish on St.Pats..

Jenny B. says:

Love the V-day decor and I’m going to have to smell that Marc Jacobs perfume. I’m would love a new scent for spring. Thxs for sharing-Ladyjeni

Bonnie says:

Love the pics of your house. I noticed the set of metal keys hanging on the wall and love them! Can you share where you found those? Thanks so much!

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