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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Week3 (2 of 3)

Week3 (3 of 3)

Happy St. Patrick's Day from this little Irish cutie (and his Mama) to you!

Can you tell we had a good morning? Both of us have been showered and dressed for the holiday – all before noon! Wow, today is a great day! ;)


Ali McLaughlin says:

Aww… I want to hold him! I have to take a trip to TN sooN!

sherrivonl says:

he is too cute amber. hilarious you are all dressed up for st patricks day! you don’t miss a holiday do you????
i have so wanted to come see you, but we have had a couple weeks of sickies around here including me. of course now that everyone seems to be well and i wouldn’t be bringing you any germs, they are on spring break…so i can’t come alone.
so, hopefully in a couple of weeks i can come see you and meet colin!
isn’t funny how your daily goals simplify when you have a baby???

tammygraves says:

He’s so adorable! Can’t wait to hold him!

jeanne anderson says:

Such a cutie I miss him so much. Love Nanas little outfit he’s grown so much since we were there!

nana says:

love you!

Lauren H. says:

I love his right hand held above his head and his hand open. Such personality already! :)

Karen M. says:

i love how it looks like he is waving….so adorable. Happy St Patty’s Day!

Lauren Murray says:

You’re freakin’ adorable.

Becky Trump says:

So SOOOOO Adorable!

Bonnie says:

Oh, he is too cute! He has such a pretty skin complexion for a baby. You both look great – glad you are doing well!

Marilyn Tan says:

omg!! super duper cute in the outfit. :) So cuddly.

Houry says:

So cute! Congratulations Amber!

Juls says:

You look great and Colin is just adorable! Congrats on a shower and some sleep. It takes awhile and I’m not there every day either.

Eleanor Quinn says:

You Look great and so happy and Colin is a cutie pie! Don’t tell me you probably had Corned Beef N Cabbage for St.Patty’s Day!
(I did too, “It’s an Italian Thing”! I know how much Nana misses him as I miss litttle Beatrice so much, but going there for Easter so it will be great! It definitely looks like your’e adjusting just fine and it only gets better! Love You! Kiss that baby for me and hi to Brandon!
Auntie Eleanor

doris says:

oh my goodness. total cuteness. :D

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