Happy Tuesday to you. Looooved having a 3 day weekend – even though I spent two days of it working weddings and running around all day for the two of them! Gorgeous days and such happy couples.

On Monday, I was looking mighty forward to a cruise around the lake on one of our friends’ boats…but alas, Mother Nature decided to rain, rain, rain on my only day off. Oh well, lost more sunshined filled summer days ahead…

This week is a short work week – I have Friday off for our big Ocoee rafting trip this weekend! Looking forward to it.

I realized I need to get out my camera more! I have been in a photo-taking slump and it will catch up with me when I don’t have anything to document for the last few months. ;)

Loved this quote I came across today…

Risa Mickenberg : "Our lives are a flood of images and we are collectors who keep a strange assortment of images: moments of extreme emotion, pain, beauty, and fear stand out. Events we’re taught to remember: weddings, graduations, births, deaths. Then there are the millions of images that we can’t shake out of our heads, that come to us at strange times – things we can’t remember why we remember: the gold threads in an old stereo speaker, the way the light hit a thousand cars in a parking lot by the water, the face of a stranger in a restaurant, a friend standing in a pool – you can’t remember where, slapping the water with the flat of her hand. Memory is a sieve that holds curious things. A life is a trail of strange, colorful memories."
It is killllling me I haven’t planted as many of the flowers and plants I do this time of year. With the house on the market, we haven’t wanted to invest much into things…but I think I may very well do some pots later this week. I came across this old post from THREE YEARS AGO. Wow, I have been blogging for that long! I love these roses…can’t wait to plant some (eventually…at whatever house we end up at or if we stay here). (Little known fact that you can grown AMAZING roses in Las Vegas. They love the heat!)

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