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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween from my part of the world! Normally, this is my favorite holiday, but sadly this year most of our decorations are packed. And, I will be handing out candy by myself this year as Brandon is on a flight to Salt Lake City this morning for work.

I’m jealous when I see all the blogs with the beautiful fall leaves, big bright pumpkin patches…it’s the yard of our rental house that is so darn depressing – it might as well be a graveyard itself! :) All dirt and rock and scraggly desert plants, here’s my sad attempt at brightening up:


Oh, and our super-cute pumpkins we carved WAY too early last weekend? Those are in the trash – mold got ‘em. LOL. Since it is halloween after all, thought I’d post this picture of our pumpkins looking slightly possessed! This is what happens when you use the no-flash option on your camera and you move around while the shutter is closing! Spooky huh?


And yeah, that’s our guest bathroom – we were trying to find the darkest spot in the house to get a picture of the lighted pumpkins. LOL.

Well, I’m off to go start this day! Loving the daylight savings time – for once I feel rested waking up at 6am! Let’s hope it lasts!


Amber!!! You are sooo funny with your “depressing decor”! I LOVE that photo of the possessed pumkins! I can see a layout coming with that title :0)
Have a great day, friend. I feel ya on the feeling rested for once.

Happy Halloween!!!
Love your spooky pumpkins :D

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