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Have your cake and eat it too.

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I will never learn.

Another birthday for Brandon.


Another taste testing by Rocco.

He got to this one while it was cooling – fresh from out of the oven…while I went upstairs to get the vaccum cleaner.


Last year he got the ice cream pie while everyone was opening presents in the other room.

How can you be mad when you see him licking his chops like that? I could only laugh and then return to the grocery store for a store made cake. Oh well. Que sera…sera.

Yup still busy.

Did you catch the new Garden Glow kit at Citrus Blossoms? Loved creating with the bright colors.

Loved these layouts these spring layouts from the Creative Team…

Nancy Armstrong

Leslie Yamat

Candy Sorensen

Feels good getting back into the swing of things…still anticipating more free time to let the creativity flow. Hard to stay inside when the weather is this good!

Oh, and a peek of more *fun* things to come:



Nancy says:

Hmmm love that teaser!!!! Very cute!!!!!

Kate says:

Cool teaser- I think I have a guess!

Heather says:

Oh that is too funny AMber! :) THat is something our Bailey would do if he could reach the counter!

Nikki H says:

Awwwww that is so cute! He looks so happy lol. Beautiful layouts your DT did, thanks for sharing with us.

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