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Heading Home (TN)

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Heading home from  home.

Las Vegas to Nashville that is. ;)

Was here for a couple of days for work. Can’t wait to see my husband and our little critters and hang out in the family room enjoying the Christmas decorations when I get home tonight.

Soooo tired. Many meetings and dinners, but managed to get 2 hours of shopping time in at my favorite mall in all the land: The Fashion Show mall. I was in bliss. ;)

And my room wasn’t too shabby either. Still, it didn’t come with my husband NOR a big yellow lab curled up at our feet. So in that case, it sucked.


Monica says:

Hi Amber,
I was wondering what the name of the singer is on the Delightful Day website? I absolutely love the song that is playing!
Monica :)

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