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Hello old friend.

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Today, myself and old friend were reacquainted.

My wedding dress.

Sadly, I haven’t been giving her the love most wedding dresses deserved. She ended up on a hanger in our attic for almost a year now. Hidden away, never cleaned (yuck, I know). Today she came back out to the light, and on Sunday she’ll come out to  play. :)

She still makes me happy. Which is hard when you see and work with dozens of new brides wearing the latest styles…but still, she was mine. She has a few pearls and rhinestones missing and definitely a smudge here and there…but those are happy battle scars from our wedding day. I still can remember the one stain on my hip…that came from a glass of red wine when we were chatting with friends…now there’s one big mustard-orangey-yellow looking stain I have NO CLUE where that one came from…but all in all, she’s in good condition. A little SNUG but still fits. ;)

On Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, I’m going out with my friend Amber, an aspiring photographer, to shoot a little bridal portrait/trash the dress shoot.

I think the dress will enjoy another day on the town. And I’ll enjoy being a "bride" again for just a few hours. :)


hollye says:

Oh…I can’t wait to see those photos!

Julie says:

Sounds like fun Amber! My dress didn’t cleaned for about 14 years and I finally cleaned and boxed it up two years (around my 15th wedding anniversary).
Mine was snug…I couldn’t get the zipper up the back so I’m blaming it on the kids and my birthing hips (which served me well)!

Brooke says:

Just wait until your “almost a year” turns into six and a half years. Owh…looks like Julie takes the record with 14 years. I’m not feeling so bad now : )

Amber says:

I am so excited!! All of us (dress included) are going to have a blast on Sunday!

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