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Hi there friends, family, internets….

It's been a long time hasn't it? Whew-ee!

I had a commenter awhile back who responded to a posting that she understood why I took these long breaks…she figured I was just off enjoying life! Well, I have been to say the least. When our little man entered our world last February, I had no idea how it would turn everything upside down in an utterly fantastic way. There is soooo much to be learned when you become a parent and I have all these useful pieces of knowledge I never recognized before.

For example:

it is okay to say "nah, not now."
Or, "I'd rather be doing this instead…"
And, "you know what, it doesn't really matter in the big ole scheme of things…"

So that is a peek inside the running commentary in my head as I go through the day.
All of those above comments were probably directed at my blog (among many, many other things that you reprioritze when you become a new parent) at one time or another.

But the truth is, I miss you guys and sharing the picture that is our Nashville life (and documenting it for our own family).

There are so many things that pull me in different directions each day, and I can't make promises that I can't keep, but I'll try to check in just a little more often!

More soon!



angela s. says:

nice to see you again…i was getting kinda used to seeing the potato pix when i’d check into your blog :) hope all is well w/ your family!

lauren says:

so great to hear from you again! i’ve missed hearing updates about sweet little colin! i hope all is well! :)

Nancy says:

Yeah yeah yeah! So good to see you back Amber…have missed your posts!

Amber V says:

Glad to see you bloging again!! Loved the update!

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