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This is one tired girl.

Vegas Had the time of my life this past weekend. The photo sharing has begun and here is one glimpse of the night – THE funnest night I have had in a very long while.  Will get my photos uploaded tonight…sadly, the Rebel doesn’t make it out to nighttime events for fear of losing it or hurting it…so I rely on everyone else for those "special" late night moments. :0)

And a special thanks goes out to all THIRTY-TWO of you who signed up for my holiday album class at ScrapIt tomorrow. I am in shock still as the list grew and grew. My usual monthly classes have about 9 or 10. So thank you very much! I have a lot of paper cutting to do tonight for all those kits!….heehee….


Katie says:

Who’s that guy in the back?? :) What a great night – too bad I have blacked out little parts of it. For example, how did I get from the cab to the cafe? No idea.

Hollye says:

I am so bummed that I am missing the class. But I am looking forward to my almost 2 week vacation! Can’t wait to get my kit though!

Lauren J. says:

Big Thanks for such a great night! I had a blast! Another 8 months and we’ll be doing the same for you! :)

Amber says:

Looks fun girl!!! Love those girl nights!!! Woot!!

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