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Hold your horses – two layouts to share!

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Yes here are the two layouts from last week. I have one of those new wireless HP printer/scanner thingys and I am still figuring it out. I had hoped it would scan layouts better than the old one, but alas, this machine too cannot seem to overcome user error. Hence, these are blurry/contrasty like they always are. Enjoy! ;)

Before when I shared, I used to be able to list all the different products on each layout…but my stacked kit club monthly bags have been growing in height over the past year, so I really have no clue where what came from. :)


*engagement photos by Dove Wedding Photography


Carrie says:

Yeah!!! These made me happy, happy! :)
(I need to scan mine in…)

Julie says:

Amber, I just realized you need to have a baby and name it something that starts with a “c” so that you can put A + B = C
I know…stupid, but I’m feeling silly today :P

I love what you did with these! They are so cute and fun!

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