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Holiday Recap.

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Yay! The holiday decorations are out. I love this candle from JoAnn’s…saw it a few weeks ago and then it was sold out. So happy to see it the day after Thanksgiving on sale for $5!

This past turkey day…I baked:


….a not-so-good Apple Crumb pie (baking is definitely not my forte)…

and I cooked….a fantastic turkey dinner for the two of us! I really outdid myself and found all kinds of recipes from (my favorite recipe source). Herb Roasted Turkey (even brined it overnight), Roasted Garlic Parmesean Mashed Potatoes, Satueed Green Beans & Mushrooms, Stuffing…the works.

…and we decorated


My other favorite JoAnn’s find this year…my little dough people nativity set! Still am in search of a little manger for them…


…and I met my scrapbooking friend, Ali in person for the first time! Along with our significant others, we met up at Dave & Busters for some food and games…can’t wait for their next visit next summer. Don’t have a pic from Ali of both of us yet, but here is two of B and I she took.  :) She is such a great photographer!!!!!!!!!



Lot’s to do this week…CHA January 2007 isn’t too far away!

Oh and believe it or not, I actually finally have some new digital designs to debut this week! More to come…


Ali says:

Love your decorations!
It was so fun meeting you.. I will put up an album soon of the rest of the photos, they were all cute!

Nancy says:

Amber CAN’T wait to see your new designs….is this something the old DT will get to see soon? Hint Hint :)

kelli says:

great eye candy! Yay! to new digitals:)

Dawn says:

the photos of your decorations are amazing!

doris says:

gosh. that is such a fabulous pic of you two. :D

Tracie says:

Did you take that picture with a self-timer? It rocks!!!!!
And look at your kitchen! Love it!

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