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Home Again!

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Feels good to be home! Nothing like going away to make you realize how great your home really is…almost every where I went, everybody wanted to know what Nashville was like, and so on and on I would go about the good things, the bad things, the ODD things…:) But, the good much outweighed the rest.

I was driving home from the airport when I realized, "wow, I really like it here. It’s good to be home again."

Loved seeing my friend’s cute little prego tummy! It finally hit me seeing it for myself in person. She is SO little for a prego-gal, I only hope I can have as good of genes when my time comes (not any time soon though!) ;)

Bbshower It was also great to be together again with our little group of friends! {minus our Lauren in North Carolina! we missed you girl!}

They all agreed that I need to write them more instead of them reading about everything on my blog! Haha. I say, y’all get yourselves a blog!

The baby shower was a big hit. I LOVE planning these things. We did a pink and green theme…lots of flowers, polka dots and ribbons…

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this shower and the mom-to-be’s bridal shower that I also hosted with her mom, that many people said I should go into event planning. I agree, would make for such a fun job! Who wants to hire me? ;)

Planning a shower soon? Here are some ideas you can replicate:

Designed the invitations using a slightly altered flower design from my Citrus Blossoms Spring Fling kit. Printed them out on a high quality cardstock at home. (See this post for the invites).

Bbshower2 Used the same flower design for the favor bags… Found some bags of  light pink and hot pink M&M’s that were for Breast Cancer Awareness…but you can also buy custom color combos at www.m& On the favor basket I tied ribbons, and had a little stick with a girly Kaliedescope diecut on it "Make way for the princess."

Used the same flower motif again for some wish cards. Guests wrote a special note or advice for the mom-to-be on printed cards, and we inserted them in a altered 4×6 album that was decorated with ribbon (great score I found on ebay!). The mom can use the remaining spaces in the album for pictures of the shower. Received so many compliments on this album – people had thought I made it. See the link to the seller’s ebay listing.

Created a guess book. Guests wrote down when they thought the baby would be born and how big she would be. I altered a little 3"x4" Provocraft book with some green KI paper, a label that had the flower design again on it, and tied a bunch of ribbons on it.

The food was FABULOUS! We had a chocolate fountain with all sorts of yummy fruit, angel food cake and pretzels to swirl in the chocolate. As you can imagine, more people gathered there than anywhere! :) The strawberry shortcake was delicious (and beautiful to look at!), as was the raspberry punch that you could spike with a bit of sparkling wine if you wanted to (guests of course!).

Bbshower3 As the shower was approaching, I had stockpiled pink and green ribbon that I found on ebay, walmart, michaels, etc…. we used it to decorate the main table with (came out with a really cute effect!), as well as tie on to the flower pails I found at walmart (available now in the easter aisle for $.97 each!). Also picked up a couple of "A"s in pink and green that were $.88 each in the craft section – score!

Finally, the guest sign-in and gift clip boards were a altered with ki paper & paint. I printed out some more of the flower design previously mentioned on white paper and added some titles. I found the idea from a shower that Heidi Swapp hosted and posted photos of on her blog awhile back.

I think that’s it! Here are a few of my favorite photos of the decorations. Enjoy!



Ali says:

Very cute decorations Amber! I think you should go into party planning as well! ( smile).

Kate says:

Alrighty those are the cutest baby shower decorations ever Amber!! LOVE them!!!

Lee says:

Oh how beautiful is everything. Just gorgeous.

Araxi says:

OMGoodness!!!!!!! Makes me want to run out and have another baby. Ok scratch that idea……….makes me want one of my friends to have a baby so I can do this for them. Amber this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Juls says:

Beautiful job. And you gave me a few ideas for my sister’s baby shower over the summer. Glad you’re back “home”.

Lindsay says:

I agree you really need to go into Party Planning…what a beautiful shower and glad you had a good time!

annkelli says:

gorgeous shower . . . that cake . . . wow! glad you had fun! glad you’re back! ate at las chivas last week and thought of you . . . it’s definitely better! . . . we’ll have to go soon! :D

annkelli says:

ok . . . that wasn’t really annkelli . . . it was me, doris . . . using the scrap it! computer and didn’t realize i wasn’t logged in as myself . . . ooops! :D

Alyson says:

Oh my gosh! So cute! I’m totally stealing your ribbons on the table idea! Adorable! Welcome back to Nashville! Can I just sit here and soak in some Nevada for a minute? Ahh, thanks! ;)

maureenw says:

Amber this is so stinkin’ cute!! Love all your ideas and I am going to put them in my idea book. Thanks for your generosity in sharing them. I bought a bunch of your kits this weekend. Yum!

Yezenia says:

Wow, your friend is lucky to have a chum like you! What a beautiful party! And thanks for the eBay link, she has some great stuff!

Maria says:

Beautiful pictures

kristyann says:

Wow…beautiful. I think you missed your calling as a party planner!!!

Laurie Patterson says:

Oh My what a beautiful cake!!! and my favorite colors too!

Lisa A. says:

Those pics are gorgeous Amber! Makes me want to plan a shower for someone.

Trisha says:

That was beautiful Amber! Great ideas for the next baby shower I have.

I still refer back to this post because it is so inspiring. We modeled my baby shower after it and now I’m hosting a bridal shower in which I’ll use the same ideas. LOVELY! Thanks.

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