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Hoping and Wishing and Praying…

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Had a nail biting week watching Hurricane Dean trek across the caribbean. Our honeymoon is in Cancun and we knew we were taking a gamble going in September. But, we figure we can’t live our lives planning around things out of our hands, so we booked it anyway. So far so good…the worst is below the main Cancun area. Hoping that no other hurricanes brew in the next five weeks and head that direction!

Also hoping and wishing for some returned RSVPs soon! Deadline is tomorrow and I need to get the guest count under control. I think I have a good 40 replies or so outstanding. The little moments of bridezilla-ness are coming out here and there… ;)


Lauren M says:

If it makes you feel any better, mine arrived while I was in Reno, so I mailed it as soon as I came home. I recently received a piece of mail FOURTEEN DAYS after it was postmarked, and it came from my own zip code! Mail here sucks. FYI. But you knew I was coming anyway ;)
Love you.

Ali Mclaughlin says:

We are planning to come, sorry we have been gone, I plan on sending mine out today!

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