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Only a few more days until Easter is here…kind of sad to already be putting the easter items away…I prefer a mid-April Easter myself!

Also now is the time of the spring birthdays…I have 2 friends, Mom, Sister and Hubby’s birthday all in a three week span! Have to do a little shopping in the next week to cover them all. :)

Mom always sends me terriffic holiday packages…I love adding little things to my collection. Brandon secretly likes it too. ;) I didn’t catch the new additions in these photos, but here a few to share…








And I was SO happy to find this at Kirkland’s on Saturday…1/2 off from when I originally saw it months ago…going to put a photo of us in there and hang in the bedroom….


Happy Wednesday!


Donna says:

Hi Amber,
I love your decorations. They are all so…. adorable!!!
What a cute frame?! I wonder if I can find one like that? hmmm… I’m on a mission now.
Your new blog banner is really, really SWEET! Sweet Life seems to fit you and Brandon perfectly.
Have a Great Easter Weekend!!

Heather says:

You always decorate SO cute! Love it all! And that picture frame you found is something I want! I must go to the mall now!!! ;) Hope you are doing well! ;)

Amber says:

So when exactly are you gonna come decorate my house?? :) Love all your pretty spring things! Have a happy Easter!

Ali McLaughlin says:

Love the Easter decor! Happy Easter!!

Renee says:

Page glanced a look at the computer and saw your dish of glitter eggs and LOVED them. Me too! Did you make them or find them? (and if found, where?…if you don’t mind sharing your secret sources)
Renee Graham

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