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Housley Party of Three on Day 3

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We are on Day 3 of being home and we are slowly getting into our groove. The nights are rough, but Brandon and I make a good team and are learning what works and what doesn't. :) Colin had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday and had a great visit. We are going back on Wednesday to meet with a lactation specialist that is available in the Dr. office, so we can get some more tips and she can evaluate. Slowly I'm gaining confidence in the nursing department, but I think the special visit will help even more.

My Mom arrives today and we are so excited for our first "family" visit. We've been sending the grandparents videos and photos every day of their grandson, and I'm so excited for one of them to finally meet him in person!

The past few days have been a complete blur but one thing is so true, we are so blessed with such loving friends and family. We had so many offerings of help since Colin has arrived and lots of wonderful deliveries of flowers and treats from friends near and far. Mary Alice and Jessica have even been bringing us homemade dinners for days now which has been a godsend. Lots of wonderful notes and emails and messages from others…all of them are so appreciated and read even though I don't  have the time to reply right now. :)

I am so excited to share a slideshow of Colin's birth story. Amber V. arrived at the hospital at 2:30am when I was 7cm dialated, when we thought Colin would arrive within an hour or two. And it turned into a good four hours instead…and she stayed until about 8:30am…what a trooper! Brandon and I keep saying over and over again how glad we are that we documented this. Special hugs and thanks to Amber V. for doing such a wonderful job and for being such a great friend!

The song is by Allison Kraus (it's so wonderful isn't it??), so have your speakers turned on.

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More updates to come…


Becky Trump says:

Oh Amber!!!
You have me in tears, here.
Seriously. Tears.
It reminded me of watching your engagements photos video… and it made me cry more. It’s so “full circle” and wonderful.
Such a beautiful story.

Jessica says:

those pictures are Indescribable….Thank you for sharing such a incrediable moment with us

Amber V says:

So happy I could be there to capture the story :) I’m glad you guys are settling in. I’ll see you all again soon!

Laura says:

Wow..what a treasure! Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment in your life with us.

angela s. says:

beautiful, it got me all teary eyed! thanks for sharing it with us. enjoy the time w/ your mom.

lauren says:

beautiful photos of a beautiful family!
congratulations, amber!!
all the best to you, brandon & baby colin these first few days and always!

Ali McLaughlin says:

Aww that made me tear up. So beautiful!

Andrea* says:

Amber, I’m 8 weeks from giving birth, and your video left me teary and breathless. Just beautiful, and what a treasure!

Karen M. says:

that slideshow is beautiful. love all the photos. you are lucky to have a friend like Amber.

Lauren H. says:

Amber, I’m one of those in tears too. You are going to cherish these photos forever.

Debbie says:

That is probably the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen. I am crying tears of joy for you and your beautiful family. How wonderful and what a treasure to hand to him later in life.

Charlotte says:

Congratulations! I’m a blog stalker of yours and wanted to send a big congratulations on the birth of gorgeous Colin! I love the slide show, it is just beautiful and a great memory to keep :)

Amber Ulmer says:

I am SOOOO Glad things are great!!!! The slideshow is awesome! We are having Josh’s sister do the same for us! She will be at our house while Im laboring too to capture that. I can’t wait for lil Colin and Josephine to meet! They will just be a few weeks apart!

Veronica says:

Aww. That was so beautiful. As someone who follows your blog. I am happy you shared with us something so private.
:) Thanks. And xoxo to you and your family.
Brandon look so concerned and it made me cry, cause I could see his love for you and baby C.

Jilly says:

Oh my goodness..I can barely see the computer screen because of the tears..that was absolutely beautiful!!
Enjoy your gift..

Steph Mahoney says:

So beautiful! Amber V. did an amazing job! I, too, got teary eyed watching the video. Sigh… So very happy for you guys.

Julie says:

Loved the video..he’s so flippin’ adorable! Can’t wait to see him grow up!
Good luck with the lac lady. :)

Candy says:

sniff…sniff… that was the sweetest, Amber. I am so very happy for you! :)

Colby says:

Totally awesome video. Congratulations! Many blessings to your new family!

sandy toe says:

What a sweet time in your lives and family! Savor every moment.
~sandy toe

Michon says:

WOW! That was amazing! I loved it! Don’t blink…he’ll be walking before you know it! ;0)

dalayney says:

I just discovered your blog~ :) (pure eye candy) Congrats on that precious bundle of joy! What a happy blessing~ dalayney

tammygraves says:

He’s so precious Amber! And how blessed you are to have that slide show! I, like the rest, became teary-eyed as I remembered all my kiddos’ births! Enjoy every moment for it slips away all too soon! Can’t wait to lay eyes on the precious little one!

Marilyn Tan says:

congrats on your new bundle of joy! the slideshow is very well done and documenting it is a fabulous idea. thanks for sharing and it’s really touching my heart.
God Bless. :)

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