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They will come! And yeah baby we’re headed to Nashville next weekend!


Our brick is done! A bit of rock/slate/ledgestone whatever you call it will be added this week to the parts with the white plastic stuff (and of course they have to paint the trim, add our porch and whatnot…). But, we’re just dying to see the insides of this place!

You see, we were crazy and bought a house that we didn’t see a model of. Which is just crazy where we came from. In Las Vegas, there are like 6 different houses in every gazillion neighborhood you can walk through, so you can get a feel for each one. So you aren’t spending a gazillion dollars blindly.

Here, they only had one house by our builder to walk through from the 14 they offered! Crazy I tell you!

Back in May, after walking through some other ones in the neighborhood that were under contstruction, Brandon was just not satisfied with what he had seen. As we were driving back towards the development office, he pointed and said "that one. Now, that’s a house. I want that one." Lucky us, it was by our builder.

Not lucky to us, they had just finished the lady’s house and she was all moved in – giving us no chance to see the insides. We tried over and over the 2 weekends we were there, and they still couldn’t get ahold of the lady to ask her nicely if we could just zip through the house real fast. Nope. She didn’t return their calls. (Isn’t there supposed to be southern hospitality in these parts??) We had to settle peeking through the windows and imagining what the floorplan looked like in real life.

And on our last day, after we had signed the documents, we strolled around her property one last time to take some photos. And who did I see in the laundry room folding her stuff. Her. The owner.

Brandon summed it up best at that exact moment.

"When we have kids, and they want to toilet paper some houses, we’re hitting this house first."


Ali says:

Oh I am sure it will be beautiful Amber~~! You are brave though girl,not having seen the inside. Lol on what Brandon said!!

Maria says:

Oh the house is looking beautiful! I’m sure it will be beautiful inside too!

Sherri says:

Amber, the house looks awesome! I have got to go drive over there to see it. We were in AZ for a week and when we got home Dylan was sick, then Cody, now me. UGH I finally remembered to bookmark your blog so I can find it easily and read more regularly! Going to go lay down, will catch up with you soon!

That house is awesome-tastic!!! I just know ya’ll are gonna LOVE it!!! Have fun in TN girl!!!
And P.S. I love that toilet paper comment!!! I so use to do that :0)

Muriel says:

ha ha ha…nice house…I wish I could have brick in Cali…

michellewoods says:

Amber I was so glad to see your post on my blog! My son plays at the soccer complex right across the street from the subdivision you are moving in. So I drove through there after his game this morning and found your house! There were about four trucks parked in front of it and it look like they were busy bees in there working. It is a beautiful house. I hope to meet you when you move here!

Juls says:

Amber, your house looks GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see the inside too. Good luck with the big move.

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