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Nassau Bahamas Beach Sand
Originally uploaded by marcuspooler

We will be here!
We have a little weekend cruise planned for our 1st Anniversary/Amber’s Birthday and it was booked officially today!
Our first cruise ever, so we are testing the waters with this 4 day one…can’t wait till October! ;)


Katie says:

Lucky!! I want to live on a cruise ship.

MariaB says:

You are going to have so much fun…. we did a 7-day cruise for our Honeymoon!! We wanted to stay longer! They are really great!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Julie says:

Looks beautiful! We are heading out on the Disney Cruise this summer (out of the West Coast)…and we are so looking forward to it!

doris says:

yay for the cruise!
can’t wait to see the new wedding dress pics! :D

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