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Not a whole much to say! Just really busy getting out thank you cards and Holiday cards in the same week! :) I’ll share our Holiday card just as soon as the recipients have a chance to receive theirs. This year will be known as the year of the "wedding". I promise, I won’t blanket everyone with wedding photos any further. ;)

Here’s a cute photo of Rocco from last Christmas…he loves getting new stuffed octopus’ every year (that now have an average lifetime of 3 days before they are dissected and strewn all over the house).


Lot’s of fun parties and gatherings on the horizon!


Ali McLaughlin says:

I’m working on my Christmas cards too, its snowing here today!

Julie says:

Weddings and baby/kid pictures…can never get enough of them!
I say bombard as much as you like. It was your wedding, your day and you should still hang out in the afterglow of it all for as long as you’d like.
As for me? Married 16 years and no wedding pictures at all up in the house. Not that I don’t love ‘em, but they’ve been replaced with children pictures and the occasional animal pictures.
3/4 of my x-mas cards went out yesterday. The other 1/4 will go out tomorrow when I’m done printing up my family letter (I sent out around 100 cards). I know some people despise those (family letters), but it’s my only chance to play catch-up each year with everyone.

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