Amber Housley

In 365 days.

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The day I become "Mrs. Amber Housley."

(keeping fingers crossed there won’t be rain like this in 365 days…) ;)


Amber Ulmer says:

Amber, Thats so sweet. I couldn’t really say that about DH and I, b/c our engagment was 7 months long… but I know the feeling… The countdown! Im excited for u guys… O hey… are u guys plugged into a church yet? Would love to invite u to Josh and I’s. Very young contemporary service they created for our group just about 2 years ago. Would love to talk to u about it!! TTFN! Cropping at Scrap It all day Saturday. Swing by!

sherrivonl says:

how exciting!!!!!
and hopefully it won’t be rainy…but you know they say it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day…it poured on mine! i suppose we needed all the luck we could get??!!! ha ha

Ali says:

How exciting!. Hope it goes fast for you! Mike and I only dated 3 months before we were engaged and married by 9 months.. talk about fast huh?

doris says:

yay yay YAY!!! :D

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