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Interesting Cravings…

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On the way home yesterday, I just had to stop by the grocery store and pick up two items I was craving (though not together, but to be eaten at separate times)…

1. Cabbage – sauteed in butter and salt and pepper (you know like on St. Patty’s Day).

2. Cinnamon Raisin Bread – toasted with butter.

I made the cabbage real quick to have with dinner last night…and the toast I had this morning when I got to work.

Typing this up right now is already got me hungry for either or…again!

Happy Friday!


The cabbage dish sounds yummy!
I keep Cinnamon Raisin bread..Blueberry bread and English muffins stocked always. It is good stuff..huh?

Houry says:

I have been a quiet lurker. I love your blog. I have never been pregnant but the cravings sound good to me too :)

Amber Ulmer says:

So glad your craving things again!!! Im almost there… almost! haha xo

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