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Introducing Miss May

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My first Jenni Bowlin kit came in last month and I love it! Super fun stuff! Bright COLORS that I love…I whipped out these three pages so fast last week, I amazed myself. I think I have enough left over to do about 4 or 5 more layouts. Awesome!

I even challenged myself to use up all of May’s kit while the mojo was flowing…but then JUNE arrives in the mail last week. Going to try and force myself to use up May before opening the new stuff…but it’s so tempting!!


Ahhh the front porch…our happy place. :) Always lovin’ me some foam stamps – but you knew that already!


At Steeplechase – Nashville’s own ‘Kentucky Derby’ of sorts. SUCH a fun time we had! A new Nashville tradition we are sure to continue. I puffy painted the scrolly stuff and the dots on the photo corners. Can’t keep me away from the puffy paint as of late! :)


We have started a Sunday breakfast tradition. We both help each other in the kitchen and make everything from coffee to eggs to biscuits to waffles…loving our new family traditions. :) I am digging the red puffy paint dots around my circle…gave it a doiley kind of look no?



Thanks for the ideas! I still have May & June(and June project) sitting on my scrap table. They have been opened and I have played with different looks..but not happy with one yet. You always have cute ideas!

Tiffany says:

I am lovin’ the paper and layouts!

kellidarr says:

You rock! Love the layouts:)

Hollye Cross says:

Love the ideas! I’ve been telling myself that if I don’t start actually using these kits, I am going to have to cancel them! This gives me some great ideas! Love the breakfast tradition. We go out to breakfast every Saturday or Sunday…depending on what day Kennedy gets up super early!

Vee says:

your layouts are awesome
so bright and cheerful!

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