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1. I'm here! I'm alive and well!

2. My first Mother's Day was wonderful.

3. I battled an upper respritory infection for just about NINE DAYS. Today I officially feel well!

4. My laptop (i.e. my main computer for ALL my personal stuff and design stuff and just about everything) went off the deep end last Thursday. It is now with the Geek Squad at Best Buy and hopefully will be diagnosed by this Wednesday (ack, that is so long from now…I wish they could tell me now what is wrong with it and fix it NOW!)

5. I'm behind on quite a few client orders that I must now start over from scratch on a back-up computer. If you are one of these clients, thank you for being so understanding!

6. I coordinated a beautiful wedding over the weekend for Daniele and Andre – my first wedding of the season and being back after a maternity leave of sorts. Even with torrential downpours to start the day, it was a fabulous event! I love it when at the end of the night the parents and bride come and tell me how grateful they are for making their event so special. Doesn't get any better than that!

7. I'm mama to one of the most adorable baby ever! Even in the midst of all this frustration with technical issues (HELLO – I MAY LOSE TWO MONTHS OF BABY PICTURES TO THIS COMPUTER ISSUE), he keeps me totally cool and calm. Because, hey is it really important in the whole grand scheme of things? We can make new pictures!


Amber V. says:

Glad you had a happy 1st mother’s day and I hope they are able to save your pics!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Stephanie says:

My computer died the same night that I commented about yours on facebook! I took mine to Computer Rennaissance and they were able to salvage everything. Good luck with yours! Glad you had a good first Mothers Day!

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