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Attempted to post this yesterday – you know how it goes, you type this big post, hit the backspace key by accident…and there disappears your whole post. I hate when that happens! So here we are today, with my second attempt.

Livemed_1 Happy to post my first layout using the Island Blossoms papers. Just a fun and simple layout using some silly photos one of my friends snapped when were in Napa Valley last April, waiting for our Robert Mondavi tour to begin. And so, the planning begins of this year’s girl trip. Makes me happy to just think about it. So many changes and things have gone on in the past few years of our friendship. Really hit home when I was addressing my friend Breanne’s baby shower invitations. Some of us have different last names (mine soon to change, too…wow!) and of course, Breanne’s baby is on the way…it always seems just like yesterday we were all in college… 

Babyshowerweb Speaking of her baby shower, I just have to share the cutest invitation ever if I do say so myself! ;) (Details changed for privacy, of course. I feel a digital kit coming out of this design, don’t you?) Stay tuned!

And today I had my first ping of home-sickness. Hit me while I was driving to the store (though I really didn’t need to go to the store, I just wanted to get out of the house)…probably didn’t help it was a gloomy day…Just kind of feel isolated out in my part of the world…I need to get my butt in gear and get to working on meeting some new people and friends. We all need girlfriends, right? I did however pick up some GREAT STUFF for the scraproom. Really going to get things finished in here this week. I’m tired of living among all these boxes and stacks of STUFF (i.e. junk that needs a home or needs to go in the trash).

Dulceline_1 Finally, Heather posted an even bigger peak of the new Dulce line at her blog. So it only seems right to let all of you in on it too. CHA is fast approaching and I’m getting excited…things are looking good so far!

Closing today’s entry with a simple quote that is always good for a reminder:

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." –William James


Nancy says:

Love your cutie patutie stuff! Great LO and baby invitation…too cute! I hope that turns into a digital kit :)

Clarice (keitiahina) says:

love this paper!!!! TFS!

Andrea* says:

Hi Amber, I have to tell you that I have really been enjoying reading your blog~ and such great designs you have! Congrats on your engagement~ enjoy every minute!

Heather says:

Oh awesome layout Amber! Perfect paper for your shirt!! And definately get out and meet some girlfriends…a girl’s gotta have them and I hope you can find some good ones that you click with! Sorry about the homesick part! I’ve been there when we first moved here and it can be really lonely…big hugs to you…it will get better! :) Wish I lived closer…but hey we aren’t too far apart…just 5 hours…not too bad! Maybe someday I can come to Scrap It…LOVE that store! ;)

kristyann says:

What a beautiful set of papers~ Love the fun layout/invite too.

sherrivonl says:

What a sweet invitation, Amber! I love the flowers!
I am sorry you are feeling a bit homesick, I can relate from when I first moved here.
Tracie, Doris and Michelle are coming over Friday night to crop at my house….would you like to come crop with us or even come by and hang out for awhile? Let me know and I will give you directions.

Kate says:

Looooooooooooooking gooooooooooood girl!! Your papers are so fun and YES this is fun isn’t it????? So excited for you!! Even more excited for CHA Summer!

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