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1. I’m alive! But busy. Really, really busy. And I owe many of you a reply email or two…and they’re coming…soon…!

2. Vegas was great! Loved the work, loved the heat, loved staying over at Mom & Dad’s one night. Can’t wait for a "real" trip (i.e. vacation) in a few months…

3. My class at ScrapIt last night was great. Loved seeing all the fabulous creations my ‘students’ made.

4. I bought myself a 250GB external hard drive today. Yee haw – have some backing up to do…add that to my mile long to-do list.

5. Taking a blog break for another day or two…or three…but I promise to be back in full effect soon!


Hollye says:

Loved your class. My husband even commented on nice the project was. Can’t wait to take your next class.

Jamey says:

Oh Amber, I wish I could have taken your class earlier in the week. We were in Jacksonville, Florida at a baseball game. I wish you would give me an online class of the “canvas creation”. Your work is just as cute as you. See you soon.

doris says:

happy nashville spring! :D

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