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Last post as Miss Amber McDonald!

Everyone has begun to arrive here in Nashville! Everything for the wedding is done and we are happy and relaxed – no stress at all! :)

It’s been so much fun planning for the past year and a half, it will be great to see it all come together.

Picked up our marriage license at the courthouse this morning, so we are all set! On our way to the airport shortly to greet some family and friends…

Thanks for all your nice comments and feedback on my wedding projects! I appreciate it more than you know!

See y’all later! :)



Donna says:

I hope that you have a Wonderful Day!!!
Looking forward to hearing about it, and seeing the photos.
All my best!!

Alison Bynum says:

can’t wait to see your pictures!

angela says:

I can’t believe your BIG day is finally here! Can’t wait to see your photos and all of the little details you’ve been working on. You will be a beautiful bride, Amber. Enjoy YOUR day!
take care, angela

Julie says:

Yeah Amber….so excited for you all. Have a great time @ your wedding and great honeymoon!
Wishing you the best in life and for the future…remember to have fun and enjoy being married. It’s not always easy, but it’s well worth the effort, time, energy and love you put into it.
Okay, so when are the kid(s) coming? Just had to ask!

Gab says:

Congrats!I’ve never met you in person, but I read your blog almost every time you post. I am happy for you! You guys make a great couple and you deserve the best in life.
Please share with us your pics. Enjoy your special day.
All the way from California,

melanie says:

Wishing you the best wedding day! I love reading your blog and am all excited for you now your day is here!! :)
May it all go to plan and the sun keep shining. cant wait for pictures!

I love those pictures here!

early Congrats I am sure it will be so BEAUTIFUL!

Ali says:

So happy for you! See you soon!

Aimee says:

congrats! have the best day ever :)

fran heupel says:

Wishing you the best on your wedding day. I know you will make a beautiful bride. Can’t wait till you post some of your wedding pictures. Have a wonderful honeymoon.
Fran Heupel

Kathi B says:

Congratulations! I hope you have many happy blessed years.

Renee says:

Congratulations-hope your day is more than you imagined

Heidi Lacy says:

Amber, I hope all went well cant wait to see pictures posted.. I heading over to your photogphers site to see if she put some up, I hope you had an amazing day and enjoyed Mexico..:)

Juls says:

Mazel Tov! Congratulations! Wunderbar! Wishing you the most amazing, happy, joyous day of your lives and it’s only the beginning of your wonderful life. Lots of love coming your way!!

Becky Trump says:

Congratulations, my friend!!!
The year has flown by and when I realized you were married, i also could not believe how fast it came!!!
So happy for you and wish you and Brandon all the happiness in the world!
Hugs my friend – I saw some photos on Ali’s blog and you made the most gorgeous bride ever. absolutely beautiful…and the personal touches were just stunning. stunning! :0)
Many, hugs!

kristina says:

Congratulations to you and Brandon!! Love those pictures and can’t wait to see more, girl!

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