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Letter : Month Three

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little Man. My have you grown in just a few short weeks. It was as if
in the blink of an eye you went from our little newborn to a baby boy!



12 weeks marked the point when you and I were done with nursing. I
truly enjoyed this experience with you. At the end I had a lot of
emotions and more attachment to it than I realized, but you on the
other hand, had no qualms – it was as if there really was no
difference. You made the transition to formula so easily with no upset
tummy or complaints. And you just happily chugged your mixed bottles
until we switched you over fully. Then of course, you suddenly plumped
up over night into this new little boy.


This month marked my very first Mother's Day. I spent the day with my
most favorite people in the whole world: you and Daddy. I was so
excited to receive my first piece of artwork from you. At school you
made me such a cute card and I was so proud to hang it on our fridge.
Looking back at the time before I was a Mommy, I always imagined all of
the wonderful things you would bring me home from school…one of them
being lots of art projects….the other being flu bugs (insert sarcasm
here). Your first week at daycare you came down with a cold and we felt
so helpless as parents. But you got better in a few days only to pass
it along to me…everyone tells me this is the first of many!


are such a good sleeper. Your Daddy and I love to have our morning
coffee together, and then at 6:30am we tip toe back upstairs quietly
into your room so we can wake you up and watch you stretch and yawn
awake. It is so cute. Some mornings you manage to beat us to the wakeup
call and I find you in your crib staring and smiling at your little
fishies above on your mobile or the patterns on your bumper.


are so alert now and definitely know who your Mama and Daddy are. We
love to make you smile and now we get the added bonus of giggles here
and there too! Our usual way of getting you to smile is by sticking our
tongue out at you, it's your favorite game. Daddy also likes to sing
"the Bones Song" which always gets a smile ("the knee bones are
connected to the ankle bones…"). Your other favorite activity is your
floor activity gym. We get just as excited as you when we see you reach
for the hanging fish and octopus. You also love to have a staring
contest with that "other baby" in the mirror. "He" loves to smile right
back at you!


It's all going by so fast that I'm trying real hard to slow down and
savor all these little moments with you. Each time we're with you there
is something new to experience and even more reasons to love you more
than the day before.

All our Love,



Amanda Elizer says:

That is so beautifully written and you all are so blessed. Congrats to having such a great family.

Lauren H. says:

Baby Colin – you are growing bigger and bigger and more and more adorable everyday. You are so lucky to have such a great Mama and Daddy. They love you so much!

Sarah says:

I love your letters to Colin. He’s lucky to have you as his mom. And boy is he a looker!

Hena Tayeb says:

oh adorable baby and wonderful pictures

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