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Letter : Month Two

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Happy 2 month birthday "baby boy." I can think of a dozen names I call you in row at any given time during the day…"hello mama's little stinker butt" or "what's up stinker butt". I apologize for all the stinky butt references, you really aren't a stinky child, it's just the little ridiculous phrases that come to mind when I chat with you during the day. There's also "little guy," "babies," and even "Pupp-uzz"…yes, somehow the dog's nickname was bestowed upon you as well by your Mama & Daddy. We apologize in advance if you have issues with this later in life.



You are getting bigger each and every day. When we first brought you home, your Daddy asked me if I realized how amazing it was that I alone was keeping you alive each and every day. I didn't realize the enormity of it at the time, but now, every time I cuddle and hold you close at each feeding, I am truly amazed.



You are such a good baby. Everyone seems to comment on that fact. You hardly fuss (unless it's time to eat and you want it NOW or your houdini arms have come out of your swaddle when it's nap time) and just generally go with the flow. We'd like to think we are just these rockstar parents and our parenting skills are just out of this world to produce such a good tempered baby, and all of our book reading, rule following and my internet research has paid off. But, everyone just tells us it's pure luck. How about we agree to a 50/50 split on that one so Daddy can get off my case about my research on what the other Mom's on the message board are doing? ;)



We have caught a few smiles from you lately, or what Daddy and I *think* are smiles. We try really hard to get them out of you on demand, but right now, you seem content just staring away at us and the world. Which is pretty great in itself. I put a Baby Einstein DVD on the TV for you the other day, just to see if it would catch your interest. You pretty much ignored it, so I stood in front of the TV to see if you would then be interested in the colors behind me. Nope. You only cared about one thing: your Mama. I moved to the side, and your gaze would follow me. I moved to the other side of the room, and you turned your head to follow me. I think I'll file away this memory and pull out in a few months or years because I know there will be a day when whatever is on the TV will be whole lot more interesting then me. In the mean time, I feel like #1 Mom.



The past couple of weeks you have been making all sorts of funny noises and expressions. We think you have a lot to say once you get going! :) You really enjoy your ocean themed tummy and playtime mat. You flap your arms and kick your legs ('starting your Harley Davidson' as Daddy calls it) while you chat with the hanging toys or stare at yourself in the mirror.



I go back to work next week and I really haven't given much thought to the reality of it. I've been getting used to our daily routine, and it's going to be tough being away from you for so long, and then cramming all the love and cuddle time into a few precious hours before bed. The last couple of weeks I've been very focused (i.e. a hardass) on getting us toward a decent eat/play/sleep schedule and following Baby Wise book guidelines. We even put you in your crib for just about every nap and bedtime, but as a result of this, both Daddy and I miss snuggling up for a nap with you on the couch that we did the first couple weeks after we brought you home. So this afternoon, while we waited for Daddy to come home from a business trip, you snuggled up on my chest for a good long nap. And it was the best feeling ever. A good reminder that there needs to be a little give and take in this whole parenting journey.

You bring us such joy everyday. Love, Love, Love YOU!



Colby says:

He is such a doll. Loved the sweet pictures. You’re capturing amazing moments…

Lauren H. says:

Yippee! He’s getting a rounder face and growing so much! Cute! Cute! Cute! Thomas has Robeez with Whales on them like Colin’s Dinosaurs. So cute! Auntie Lauren sends tons of kisses his way.

Jojo says:

Hi Amber!
Your baby is adorable! Congratulations! I hope you still remember me..Anyways,, I just want to say Hello and wishing you and your beautiful family many more blessings.

Carrie says:

Look at all that HAIR! What a cutie!!! :)

Stephanie says:

Your letters to Colin always make me tear up. That picture of you and him head-to-head is precious! And I can’t believe his little feet are already hanging off the edge of his bouncy seat. You and your husband seem like such great parents & Colin seems like an angel.

tammygraves says:

Oh Amber! He is just adorable! I hope I get to visit you before he starts walking!

Becky Trump says:

Beautiful letter to you little man. :)
I LOOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the black and white photo of you and Colin. So sweet and such a precious moment.

Amy says:

Isn’t it amazing two months have already passed by? He is just getting sweeter by the day. :)
And regarding your post, I would love to do a book swap! How fun. I will have to look for “Under the Banner of Heaven” (which I did read and liked!) and we’ll swap info. It might take me a small bit of time because all my books are still in boxes.

Juls says:

Beautiful boy, beautiful pictures. He’s looking so big, happy and healthy. And there’s nothing cuter than Daddy and baby sleeping pictures. I love those!!

Charin says:

Awww! What a sweet boy and such a sweet story :)
It sounds like our Colin’s have a lot in common! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and I’ll be back to yours! :)

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