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Lovely Weekend.

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Had a great weekend!

Lots of flower planting in the front yard…went out with friends on Saturday night…hung out around the house on Sunday…

Leaving on a business trip to Vegas for the next four days! (And of course, excited to see the family while I’m there).

Busy day ahead!



lauren says:

you guys are sooo cute! have a safe trip! :)

Becky Cantu says:

Such a CUTE family photo!!! LOVE the look of your porch, girl! :0)

annkelli says:

You are an adorable couple!
Love the flowers!
See you soon!

sherrivonl says:

The flowers are so pretty! YOu inspired me to go get some for the front of my house…my neighbors thank you I am sure..they were probably tired of seeing the dead stuff hanging around!
HOpe you had fun in Vegas, hope to see you soon.

Heather says:

Such a cute picture and sounds like a wonderful weekend! ;)

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