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Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers Feature

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Martha stewart dreamers into doers doer of the week

I’d be crazy if I didn’t tell you how loud I squealed in delight when I read the email from the editor of the Martha Stewart online community, Dreamers Into Doers, and that I would be an upcoming weekly featured “Do’er.” I was in the middle of a cafe in Sewannee, Tennessee, and the first time with internet service after our fun Father’s Day Weekend in the Georgia mountains.



I am SO PROUD of this accomplishment and the opportunity to have my name associated with the Martha Stewart brand. Her huge empire of businesses is SO inspiring to me. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than encouraging other women to follow their dreams and build a business – whether big or small. The Dreamers Into Doers community represents all that and more. The women highlighted are crazy talented and smart and I feel humble to join their ranks and share my story of building my business over the last 5 years.

Right after I got the news of the feature, I went to my Making Things Happen Atlanta Alum group to share the news. It is fun reading this back from a few weeks ago and I thought I’d share it with you all. Maybe it will give you the encouragement you are needing to do something you haven’t acted on just yet.

Hello all – this past week, I realized both the meaning of these quotes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and “you’ll never know unless you just ask.” I was ready to launch my new site a few weeks ago, but something in my gut was saying it wasn’t right, it wasn’t ready. 

During this time, some an opportunity came up to be featured/profiled on popular wedding business blogsite, but instead of replying to it, I ignored it. I made the excuses to myself, “it isn’t the right time…my site isn’t ready. my blog isn’t ready…” It was as if I was telling myself the stars all had to be perfectly aligned with my branding, my business before I was capable of sharing, “look at me, this is what I do, I love what I do and I do it well.” 

Also, on my list of business goals is to one day be featured as a “Dreamer Into Doer” on the Martha Stewart website, but I had never applied. (The bigger part of this is the Dreamers each year are invited to the Martha Stewart offices to meet editors, see behind the scenes, attend workshops, meet Martha, and attend a show taping). I’d just get the emails each week of the new person being featured, and I think, “wow someday that would be great.” What the heck was I waiting for?!? 

So finally, rather than sit around and wait, I made a few tweaks to what I did have. I went ahead and updated my profile pictures across all platforms with new headshots, I made some minor text updates, new splash images. And of course, I finally nominated myself for a Dreamer Into Doer. Four days later, an editor contacted me and I going to be featured in an upcoming Dreamer Into Doer. (insert high-pitched squeal) I also finally finished that business interview and I’ll be profiled in the coming weeks. Some other opportunities are popping up all over the place. The point of all this sharing? I ask you, What are you waiting for?? Is there something you’ve been holding back on? The only thing you’re wasting right now is time… :) 

I was at a cross-roads for taking the next steps for my business a few months back. I know very well that businesses do not reap the rewards of new branding overnight, but all the changes and branding strategies I was dreaming up started to hold me back under the weight of: it ALL had to be done NOW. The huge monster of to-do’s kept me from tackling very things I was certainly capable and deserving of, right at this moment. Just as I am today.

And I have to share with you, I’m in an AWESOME place. Seriously. I listened to my gut, held off on the new branding and now coming out with something totally better than before this Fall.

And even though my shell is still in it’s ‘awkward’ state, they called anyway. ;)

Click here to read my business journey thus far:


Nichole says:

Amazing! I’m so proud of you!

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