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They arrive at midnight tonight! So I will be busy with lots of relaxing family time doing a whole lotta nothing.

Oh, I do have NINE DOZEN cookies to bake for my party on Saturday.

And I need tape. To finish wrapping presents.

And sleep, lots of sleep. It was BUNCO last night, and I had too much fun. Up till midnight fun.

Did a lot of design stuff all day yesterday. My mind is not feeling creative today. Thank goodness my day job includes a lot of bossing around and not much creativity.

Oh! Don’t forget to check our A Delightful Day blog! Hurrah! We are posting regularly now. Go get your fill of wedding talk if you weren’t sick of mine already. ;) And be sure to leave us a comment. Bloggers LOVE comments!

Oh and another thing! Our wedding was featured on this great new source for Middle TN brides…:

Our name in LIGHTS!


Am I weird today or what? ;)

Check y’all next week!



ashley says:

Hey Amber – Boy do you have a lot on your plate! Thanks for the shoutout. Have fun w/the parents. Chat when you get a chance. Ashley

Amber Ulmer says:

How fun!! Loved seeing more pics of ya’ll day!!! Amazing photos!! Fun to be featured!! xoxo

Amber says:

You crack me up! Good luck with the cookies!

Lauren M says:

You’re a local celebrity! Miss you.

sherrivonl says:

We are still munching on cookies here…. :o)
How cool that your wedding photos are being featured….they are really the most fabulous wedding photos I have ever seen.
Please post the recipe for the parmesan artichoke dip, it was delicious and could be addictive. You were right, we didn’t get to visit much during your party…we really need to schedule a panera lunch after the holidays!
I hope you and Brandon have a wonderful first Christmas as husband and wife!!
Merry Christmas!

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