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Mother’s Day Surprise

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So…my neighbor, Stephanie goes out of town for a few days and her husband, is a stay at home dad for a few days…and he emails me yesterday with an idea. He wants to do a photo shoot of the kids and wants it all printed and hung on the wall before she gets home…and in time for Mother’s Day. The sweetest thing ever, huh? He had all the ideas in his head…the kids would wear white..summertime…grass…a creek maybe…

Is this cute or what?

And the two cuties, well, they weren’t very hard to work with. :) I loved editing these tonight…feels like SUMMER! ;)






And this one is my *personal* favorite!….


It’s pictures like these when I think "dang, it sure is cool living here in TN…look at that green grass…and flowers…and wood fence that is at a horse farm in my neighborhood…." ;)

It’s 12:17am…this was a one-day turnaround job…TGIF!!! :D


Ali says:

So sweet Amber! you did a good job!

Amber Ulmer says:

amber, these totally BLOW my shoot outta the water sista!!! A-mazing!!! Killer shots!!! the color is amazing. Need some ps tips from you!!! where did you take those pics? Must go!! xoxo

Cheryl says:

Wow!!! I just love it Amber!!! What gorgeous photos. Such a great gift for Mother’s Day!

Ami says:

Hey Amber, I just found your blog on stuffdock and have been browsing through your archives and looking at all of your layouts! Great stuff ! Anyway, the pics above are wonderful!

Lauren M says:

Damn, you are always surprising me – and giving me an inferiority complex ;)

annkelli says:

Gorgeous pictures!
Fun seeing you last night:)
even though I felt like #^%#&$!!!

Aimee says:

love these! wish i had a neighbor with cuties i could practice on :)

doris says:

amber! those pics are TOTALLy adorable!!! :D

Juls says:

Beautiful photos Amber. And yes, those kids are so darn cute, you couldn’t haven’t done wrong if you tried.

tammygraves says:

Fantastic photos! Love the lighting! I bet she loved these!

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