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We are back now from an amazing honeymoon after an amazing wedding. I’m still pinching myself on how perfect this all has been!

There will be a lot of photos to share over the coming days and weeks, so bare with me through this parade of happiness… :)

The first to come in is from my friend, the extremely talented Ali McLaughlin. Her and her husband drove through the night to be with us! Her pictures are extraordinary and I have hijacked a couple of them here, but you can see the rest here!

HUGS TO ALL for all the good wishes!!




stacey fike says:

i can’t wait to see more pictures!!

Ali says:

You were so beautiful! I am trying to make an album, but I guess my files are so huge, they took forever to download. Hopefully I can get the album up soon, but I will send you a cd soon!
I want honeymoon pics soon! ha

Amber says:

Congratulations on your wedding, it looks like a gorgeous day and all your planning really paid off :)

tricia says:

i love the pictures!! you looked beautiful!

Donna says:

You looked absolutely stunning!!
Congratulations to you and Brandon.

Julie says:

Beautiful Amber…I’m so glad everything went smoothly and the pictures turned out fabulous! I’m sure you couldn’t wait to get back home and see them! :)

Heidi Lacy says:

You Look So Amazing I have been waiting to see pics, I hope your day was great and cant wait to see more pics…:)Heidi

kelli says:

ooohhhhh Amber…..YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to go look at the rest of the pics:)

Candy says:

Congratulations, Amber! I wish you both all the happiness, love and joy that two lives can hold!!! You were absolutely stunning!

Carrie says:

You look absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see more of the gorgeous event. Hugs -

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