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My Boys.

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Came across this photo from a few months back. It’s blurry but love it anyway.

Love my boys.


In other news, Fall seems to have come and gone overnight. We’ve had frost a few times at night this week and on the way home tonight (in the DARK…grr…hate winter evenings…) I noticed that alot of the trees had already lost their leaves….sigh…

Time for sweatshirts and blankets, cozy nights on the couch with hot buttered rum…mmm…

Come to think of it, that doesn’t sound so bad. :)


kellidarr says:

I’m with you on the trees losing leaves………….
But I do like the idea of warm sweaters and cozy blankets!
And *special* Peppermint Mochas:)

Ali says:

Ooh hate the cold.
We still have signs of Autumn here.. still holding on to Fall… but its getting so cold here too!

doris says:

yes . . . the thought of winter already is a bit scarey . . . usually tennessee holds onto fall a bit longer . . . :P

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