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Nashville Spring.

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Hermitage So, I have a new favorite season since we’ve moved here…spring! Lovin’ the weather, but especially LOVING how GREEN everything is. We are amazed and moved every day by it.

And having Brandon’s parents here visiting last week made us a couple of tourists ourselves! We spent a day at The Hermitage – President Andrew Jackson’s plantation that is right near where we live. Notice this wasn’t taken with my camera–battery died halfway through tour–and spare was in the car!


Things are going up so fast around the neighborhood…pretty soon the lots across the street from ours will be built with houses. B’s parents loved all the trees that surround us…even went for a mini hike on the land they haven’t built on yet (above) but came home with a couple of ticks (yikes! no thanks!).


I’ve been driving B nuts with how much I talk about planting some dogwoods in the yard. No qualms about it in general…just as long as I dig the hole….er….do you have any idea how hard it is to dig in this state?!

And just the other facts:

1. Joined the gym today. Yay! So looking forward to getting my rear in shape for summer (and life in general!). Been slacking way too long since we moved here in the health dept. Conveniently it is right across from my work so I can go everyday after work. No excuses!

2. First new (used) book came in the mail from Amazon! Just picked out 4 the other day – figured whoever was first to arrive, would be picked first. So it is, The Other Boleyan Girl. Next to arrive will be the Time Traveler’s Wife and The Queen’s Fool.

3. (real) Work is keeping me busy!


4. Brandon hit the big 2-9 on Monday.  Glad I conned him in to sitting still for this one photo…he was pretty ready to go the minute we arrived for our plantation tour – typical man! :)



Lauren says:

I believe the last picture is of a Dogwood tree, or am I totally wrong? Either way, it looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to come visit!

Donna says:

Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but have been too shy to post! I’ve recently read all the books by Phillipa Gregory – you should start with the Constant Princess as that is the first chronologically – I read them all out of order, starting with the Queen’s fool followed by the Other Boylen Girl, the Virgin’s lover and then Constant Princess. They are a really good read – I hope you enjoy them!

Chelle says:

I love dogwoods too! They are so beautiful and you got some beautiful pictures of them.
You have a handsome hubby-to-be. What a beautiful couple you make.
Where did you finally find a job?

Ali says:

Oh yeah.. I have been to the Hermitage and Nashville is so nice in the Spring.
You look so much like my brothers wife.. I have to send you a pic some time.. you really remind me of her.

Andrea* says:

You are going to love Time Travelers Wife! Great and unconventional love story! I heard a rumor that Brad Pitt & Jennifer Annistyn bought the movie right to it… and then they broke up. Ah well….

Syb says:

Wowzer, those pictures are so gorgeous Amber!!! I wish I could see it in reality, I am sure the beautiful landscapes take your breath away! Sounds like your wedding arrangements are moving forward nicely! Love all the pics you post and the color choices!!! I am sure the wedding will be PERFECT!!! Hope all is well. I miss you girl!!! Hugs, Syb

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