Here are my new wheels! Saucony Women’s Grid Hurricane.

(Though they’re less shockingly pink than this picture.)

My friend Ashley took me to Team Nashville, a little store off West End…these guys are "THE GUYS" when it comes to running. They measured me a few different ways, and then had me run in a few diff. pairs outside the store to evaluate with their expert eyes. These guys won! So much for me picking out anything based on looks alone. ;)

I’ve been keeping up with my dailies (though still on a treadmill because I’m not ready to attempt 15 degree running weather)…tomorrow my new friend Stephanie (a whole post on how I met Stephanie to come!) and I will attempt our first long run of 4 miles (outdoors no less – wish us luck!).

I have to admit, these daily 2 & 3 mile runs on the treadmill have not been easy, but I’ve pushed through. Usally later in the day, I think back to my workout and I have a definite feeling of accomplishment! Looking at my training program calendar that I’ve posted in both my cube at work and at home, I am looking at Week 11’s long run – a 10 mile run, and I’m hoping later that it isn’t as daunting as it looks right now.  ;)

This has been one of the busiest work week’s ever! So glad it’s Friday! No big plans this weekend except a little bit of design stuff and I hope to get finishing up that honeymoon scrapbook and can share with y’all.

No interest in the Super Bowl at all, though I think we’re headed to a party just for the fun of it. We’ll see.

TGIF! Peace.

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