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New Wheels

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Saucony Women's Grid Hurricane 8 - Silver/Grey/Magenta
Here are my new wheels! Saucony Women’s Grid Hurricane.

(Though they’re less shockingly pink than this picture.)

My friend Ashley took me to Team Nashville, a little store off West End…these guys are "THE GUYS" when it comes to running. They measured me a few different ways, and then had me run in a few diff. pairs outside the store to evaluate with their expert eyes. These guys won! So much for me picking out anything based on looks alone. ;)

I’ve been keeping up with my dailies (though still on a treadmill because I’m not ready to attempt 15 degree running weather)…tomorrow my new friend Stephanie (a whole post on how I met Stephanie to come!) and I will attempt our first long run of 4 miles (outdoors no less – wish us luck!).

I have to admit, these daily 2 & 3 mile runs on the treadmill have not been easy, but I’ve pushed through. Usally later in the day, I think back to my workout and I have a definite feeling of accomplishment! Looking at my training program calendar that I’ve posted in both my cube at work and at home, I am looking at Week 11′s long run – a 10 mile run, and I’m hoping later that it isn’t as daunting as it looks right now.  ;)

This has been one of the busiest work week’s ever! So glad it’s Friday! No big plans this weekend except a little bit of design stuff and I hope to get finishing up that honeymoon scrapbook and can share with y’all.

No interest in the Super Bowl at all, though I think we’re headed to a party just for the fun of it. We’ll see.

TGIF! Peace.


Juile says:

Very cute shoes Amber!
Have a great weekend…
We don’t do Super Bowl either around here. However, it’s the best day to hit the mall as most everyone is home (well…most guys are…except mine…he’s not much of a sports fan glad to say!) :)

Ali McLaughlin says:

I need some new running shoes too! Good luck training!

Lauren H. says:

Cute kicks! It was hard to go into the running store with the mentality that I’m not buying shoes based on looks.
I’m excited to hear how your first “real run” went. Don’t worry, it gets easier.

becky trump says:

are they like more hot pink/magenta???
i think if they are – i just got them from last week! Comfort cushions for my running feet! :0)

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