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New room almost complete!

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My new scrapbook room/art studio/office whatever-you-wanna call it, is almost complete. A little peek…


I just love fresh flowers…been in the habit lately of picking some up with the groceries at Kroger. This little number was a 3 kinds for $6. Doesn’t get any better than that! You have no excuse to not buy yourself flowers when they are at the price (and sort of matched the colors of my room!) :)

Happy Friday!


Vee says:

love fresh flowers

Ali says:

Umm.. I want to see the rest of your new furniture!

deb says:

ooh.. we want to see more!

Kristen says:

I can’t wait to see more! And I agree–flowers at that price shouldn’t be passed up. Have a good weekend!


no more teasing us! LOL. beee–u-tee-ful flowers!

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