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Nice Memory.

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I remember reading quite along time ago that whenever you think of someone who has already passed, it means they are right there with you. Maybe in angel form. Maybe in some other way, I’m not really sure. It’s a nice little thing I remember from time to time, and it could be true or not, but I don’t really care.

When I left the office yesterday, and was walking to my car, I was overpowered by the smell of some sweet flower fragrance. I stopped and looked around me and thought "there’s no flowering bushes around here…" It was very distinct. Most gardenia-like.

And immediately the thoughts of my grandma came to me. Not because she ever wore any kind of gardenia scented fragrance, but for whatever reason, a memory of her and when my grandpa died came back.

At the end of the graveside ceremony for my grandpa, I went and sat down on the seat next to my grandma. Everybody had pretty much started going to back to their cars. I told her I was sad that grandpa was gone. She looked at me and smiled and said, "oh it’s okay. I know he is okay. But look at all these beautiful flowers! We can’t leave them here and let the go to waste. Here, have this bow." she pointed to one of the enormous bows on an arrangement. "You can use this on a package or present for somebody." I smiled and said okay. Who was I to refuse?

And that was grandma. Most definitely sad, but still okay. Unwavering faith. She was sure that grandpa was okay, and that was that. She passed on just a few months later, and I think it was because she missed grandpa.

I still to this day wish I had her teach me how to make tortillas from scratch. But it’s okay. Someday…


Gina says:

Your post made me sad. :( My Grandpa sided in June 1996 and my Grabdma died in Sept of that same year. We also think it was because she missed my Grandpa so much. And I believe in all of those “signs” too. When my Grandpa died, the fire alarms sounded across the street coincidentally (he was a fireman) and we found a feather on the ground. Now whenever we find a feather, we say it’s him. Some of us have even found them stuck to the car in pouring rain. And my Grandma is a rose. My Aunt asked for a sign that she was ok after she died and a rose bloomed the next morning outside her kitchen window.
Anyway, you brought all of those things back to me. Sad, but nice. I can’t believe it’s almost 10 years since they died. Wow!

Gina says:

Ack! I am a horrible proof-reader. LOL Sorry for the typos!
(How on Earth did I type “sided” when I meant “died?” Jeez!)

Toni says:

That’s such a sweet memory Amber…Thanks for sharing…

Shannon B. says:

Just wanted to share this site with you Amber. The scent of flowers is a very common occurence with spiritual experiences like this.

kristy says:

that is a beautiful story Amber, thanks for sharing it :)

Maria says:

Amber, that’s a beautiful memory…I lost my father over a decade ago and there are so many moments in which I have strongly felt him being close. I can totally relate to your story.

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