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Withlauren_1 Who is busy with wedding plans!

One of my best friends, Lauren, is getting hitched this January in our hometown of Las Vegas. They just got their engagement pics taken last weekend and they are adorable! Have me all excited about ours coming up next month! We both became engaged within a week of each other last December. :)

Lauren’s shower and bachelorette party is in November…and I’m working on the shower invitations this week. Lauren lives in Omaha, NE with her fiance, so she wants some sort of NE element like maybe some sunflowers and the color orange included at the shower….

Here’s a small preview of her invites I designed…


{ETA: yes, the info is purposely wrong for privacy purposes. :) Fonts: Albamere Swash & Century Gothic. Brush of my own design. }

Oh and we are wearing one of the cutest chocolate-colored bridesmaid dresses ever! Just had to share this too…available at


Happy Monday! :)


Adrienne says:

Congrats to you and your friend. How exciting! And that has to be the best looking brides maids dress I have EVER seen!

Nancy Peacock says:

I hate to even say this, but is the invitation the actual one, or is it just a sample from another shower? I mention this ’cause I noticed the year was 2004 and wondered if it should be 2007?
The invitation is very classy!

Amber Ulmer says:

Love the design for the invites Amber. They look awesome! Sure she will love them! Totally diggin the bridesmaid dresses! Absolutely fabulous!! Well just thought I’d pop over and say hey. Ur on my “daily blog readings” list! See u! O… got pics of the LO i did at the crop Saturday and my NEW scraproom!! Finished!! Woo Hoo!

Lauren J. says:

Wow! This Lauren girl sure sounds like a cool Chick! :) I’m so happy with the invites you created, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! We still need to find some cute shoes for the dresses…Thank you again! Love, Lauren

Katie says:

You are so cute! I couldn’t have asked for a better co-bridesmaid!

jackie says:

EEE! You guys are adorable. Congratulations to the both of you!

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