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Nothin’ New To Report

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Sorry for being so quiet lately. Nothing new to report or add to the blog.

Glad to have Brandon home safe on Wednesday morning. He wasn’t due back from Port Arthur, TX until Thursday, but his work luckily had him out on a flight out of dodge just in time! We’re hoping the hospital he travels to frequently (for work) is still standing…

That’s all folks! We’ll be cheering on our San Diego Chargers in tonight’s game — hoo hah!


Glad he made it home safely.
And I am the same way – nothing new to post on the blog! Ah, but you know what they say, “no news, is good news!” :0)

MandaBean says:

The Chargers actually won! Jules was so excited..I’m sure you guys were too. It was an exciting game, even if I did watch it from the computer desk. :)

Muriel says:

How did you get to be a Chargers fan? Are you from S.D.? I actually work right by the stadium, but I can’t say I am a fan. (I don’t really watch football.)

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