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Oliver is home!

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Thanks for the prayers – they were answered when our neighbor and friend Bryan, spotted Oliver by a house at the entrance of our neighborhood at 6am this morning. A far distance but he had three days travel, so it makes sense.

We brought him home and was appreciative for all of about 10 minutes and now is up to his usual antics – playing in the Christmas tree and hollering all over the house.

It’s good to have him home. We now return to our regular programming. :)


kristina says:

Yay! That’s awesome news, Amber! So glad Oliver is home safe and sound! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

Kim says:

YAY!!!!!! that’s fabulous!! thanks for letting us know

Ali McLaughlin says:

Glad you found him, sorry about your dog too! Hugs..
I want to hear about your trip soon!

mom says:

So glad you found him. I can’t believe we all have had a stressed out week with our pets. We really miss Misty. Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks.

Hollye says:

I am glad that you found your baby. I remember when my cat went missing. It was when we moved into our first house in Texas. The builders were doing some work on our house while we were at work. They left one of the doors open and she took off. They finally called us at work to tell us what happened. They had pulled all their crews off of jobs in the neighborhood to search for my cat. She was found eventually, but it was crazy.

Aimee says:

I’m SO glad you found him! And I’m so very sorry about your family dog that is just so sad.

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