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Getting things done. Feels good.
For once in my life, I’m working ahead of time for this holiday season.

Photo for the Christmas card is ordered, just waiting for them to arrive. So many of you asked to see other pictures, so first is the one we’re using…Xmas05card

We needed a horizontal one for the card – and we liked the waves crashing in the background. The only digital I did with the photo was add the snowflake and greeting – I’m all about doing what’s fast and simple this year. Whenever I attempt to go all out, it just leaves me drained. I’m loving my store-bought cards!

And here’s another good photo from the shoot, though the background is just the sea. It still will make a good frame in the new house! Digging the color on the scarf too – keeps the photo from being too washed out…


So, xmas cards are half-done. Should be ready to send out by the end of the week.

Next, my girlfriends from college and I are doing an ornament exchange (perferably handmade). Last year, I didn’t trade them until Spring, that’s how far behind I was! I’m so proud of myself this year…again, the simple, fast and fun formula.


The frame is by Making Memories – it’s about 2"x2". I printed out my favorite photo of us gals in Napa then fixed it to the back along with a piece of chipboard for sturdiness. Hot glue gunned some ribbon to hang it by, and viola! Just love them. I’m likely ruining the surprise since some of them read this blog – sorry gals! Couldn’t contain my excitement to share. :)

Next, the packaging for them….picked up some cute funky cards from the Target dollar section. Inserted another photo of us gals – so they could likely frame it, then slipped the ornament inside the envelope. Thanks to Ali for recommending I stop by the $ section! Good stuff!


Also managed to do more than a bit of Christmas shopping today! I’ve already got about half-way done! I have 13 presents purchased, boxed and wrapped. Go me. Too bad we don’t have a tree this year to put them under. :( The unused kitchen table will have to do!


Can you tell I’ve been busy?

I’ve redone the logo and some of the design for my site…I was inspired by the candles at Bath & Body Works for the logo…such cool fontwork, I must show it off! ;)


I’m also proud to announce I have a new fabulous creative team for the site! Bios and photos will be posted later this week. I’m looking forward to releasing a holiday kit by the end of the week, as well!

FINALLY…Brandon is in Nashville checking out the house. Snapped a few photos for me this evening to get an idea of the house. It was dark, so these will have to do until tomorrow. He says the inside paint color is 10X better than how this photo looks…I’m nervous…we’ll see!


Kitchen Above — I’m praying that the color is close to this paint color from the Pottery Barn catalog:


Whew! I’m whipped. Can you believe I move to my new house in officially 30 days! Yikes! Yahoo!


Ali says:

Love the Christmas photo, love the color of your kitchen too! Look at you so ahead for Christmas.. I need to get a move on! glad you found somethings in the $1 section. love Target!

kristyann says:

Loving the new logo!

Nancy says:

LOVE the new logo and LOVE the new look of the site! Looks great!

Leslie says:

What a busy bee?! I love your holiday photos. Simple and sweet.
And the new logo is just swell!

The picture you chose for the x-mas card is awesome! SOOOO adorable. You two look like the most handsome/pretty all american couple with your cute dog and everyone! I really like it. xo

Sonia says:

It took alot of scanning your blog to see where you’re moving. Nashville huh? Welcome to Tn!!! I live about 20 miles southeast of Nashville (Murfreesboro). If ya have any questions about the place, feel free to drop me a line!

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