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And I’m off again tomorrow on an early morning flight to Vegas.

Going to meet up with my freezing cutie fiancee who left yesterday. Yes, I said freezing cold – as in, colder than Nashville, as in, it snowed last night in Vegas cold. Haha parents take back all that weather nonsense you told us when WE moved to a lovely place that was a WONDERFUL 72 degrees the other day.

Oh, and I have to do a little bit of work…a presentation while I’m there.  But work is okay, work is fun on vacation, right? Yeah…right…

But all in all, looking forward to seeing the two sets of parents and have a little pre-Xmas eve dinner. Not sure if Brandon will be able to top last year’s Xmas eve though…


Be back on Saturday for our first Nashville Christmas! Lot’s of sugar cookie bakin’ awaits for me for the neighbors! ;)