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On the road again…

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Just a quick hello from Oklahoma City, OK! :) Arrived here this afternoon and after a huge meal at Outback Steakhouse, a margarita or two, I’m ready for bed. Getting up bright and early at 4:30 for our push off on the final leg to Nashville – 700 miles to cover tomorrow!

Everything has been great thus far – a late start yesterday from Vegas and we arrived late and tired in Albuqueque at midnight last night. The kitties and dog have been super travelers, we are very happy it has been easy thus far (except for the speeding ticket Brandon got in Texas today! LOL).

Anyway, more to report in the coming days…I’ve got a new house waitin’ for me!

P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for all your good wishes on our engagement!!! :)


angela says:

i can’t wait to hear about the road trip to your new home. i’m so excited for you guys!!!

Nicole says:

WOO HOO! for OKLAHOMA!! Yayyyyy… I think that means you have to come through Tulsa… yeah you need to bring that cute lab this way!!

Ali says:

Yeah! will you be in you new house by New years Eve??

Lisa says:

Sounds great Amber!! Be sure to take lots of pics of your trip!! :}

Lisa says:

Hope u have a Happy New Year Amber!!! :}

shawn b says:

Happy New Year and congrats to you.

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