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One of my favorite times of day

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morning bathtime. :)


Michelle Woods says:

I love the hooded towels. Cutie!!

*Jilly* says:

Isn’t that just the sweetest site that you ever did see?
How are you feeling?

*Jilly* says:

I mean..sight. Woops!

Aimster-KY says:

He is just adorable. I remember these moments with both my babies (8 and 5). I can still remember breathing in that Baby Magic…!
Oh, now I’m gonna have to go out and get me some Baby Magic. The urge to procreate is too great. Must calm it down…

Lauren H. says:

Cute! Cute! I love how tiny he is in the towel.

Colby says:

How precious is this photo?!?!?

Stephanie says:

Our bath time routine was always one of my favorite things. Oh, how I miss Andrew’s little baby fingers and toes fresh out of a bath!

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