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Our lime has a heartbeat!

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Yes we heard it yesterday and it was the most relieving sound ever! The nurse first did it at the start of our appointment and in a few short words, SUCKED AT IT. Basically freaked me out because she took wayyyy too long. Uncomfortably long. I thought, oh goodness, my worst fears have come true. After what seemed like ETERNITY, she did end up finding it for a few short seconds, but not enough to satisfy me….

My doctor saw the look on my face and instantly offered to do it again to put me at ease. And of course she was right on the money in an instant. And it was the best sound ever! 160 was the rate…perfectly healthy. He or she even made a few movements…cute little blip sounds on the doppler as it bounced around…sooo fun and amazing.

Exhaling in relief again… ;)


Amber Ulmer says:

That is SO great Amber!!! Did they find it w/a sonogram? I just remember you saying you weren’t having an ultrasound for a while…xo

The first sound of your baby’s heartbeart is the sweetest..isn’t it?
So sorry the nurse took so long..I know it probably felt like an eternity.

Julie says:

Yeah…I’m SO excited for you both!

Carrie says:

Ugh – what anxiety I’m sure that brought about!
Glad to hear all is well though. :)

hollye says:

How odd….the nurse never did the heartbeat at my appt., only the doctor. Glad you got a chance to hear it clearly. I remember that being a very anxious moment for us as well. Relax and just breathe….you’ve got a ways to go!

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